No more should you need to worry about where your children are or who your employees are talking to on their devices? Everything from text messages and call logs to media files on an iPhone is accessible today with the help of I.T.APP. This iPhone tracker app lets you monitor everyone from your children to your employees with complete stealth. It is a versatile application that can help you:

Keep an Eye on Your Children

In this technology-ridden world, you can never be sure of what your children are up to and if they are safe from any dangers that the smartphone world brings with it. I.T.APP can help you track every activity of your child’s on his or her iPhone and you can be sure once and for all whether you need to be concerned or not.

Keep Your Business Safe

With the increase of policies like BYOD in modern workplaces, you can’t help but be doubtful of some employees that are taking too many breaks or going off to answer too many phone calls. With I.T.APP, you can easily and stealthily monitor their smartphone usage habits and find out if someone is sharing your precious company data with a competitor. You can even track the location of your employees to find out who they are meeting when they take a break.

Keep Your Data in Place

I.T.APP also helps you keep your iPhone usage in check, by uploading all your conversations and calendar appointments, etc. to your Online Control Panel so that you never have to worry about forgetting something if you lose your data or phone somehow.