The Evolution of the iPhones

16-the evolution of the iPhones

Since the release of the iPhone 2g back in the year 2006, this popular mobile device has come a long way in terms of usage and overall quality. While the evolution of the iPhone was a long process there are a lot of things that made the iPhone so popular with the common people all around the world. The first thing was its design which was needless to say revolutionary at the time. For the mobile device that had a 300 MHz processor the design was the thing that launched it above its competition.

The capacitive touchscreen

Back in the day when the first iPhone was released there was no such thing as a touch screen where you didn’t have to push real hard in order for the device to recognize what you wanted to do. so the first things that made the iPhone so popular among teenagers and others was the capacitive touch screen, the multi touch interface that worked with the body electricity in your fingers to recognize where you were touching the device itself.

The retina display

At the time, the technology of displays wasn’t that good to say the least. Mobile devices had three inch displays which had minimal resolutions, so needless to say that the companies that made these mobile devices developed that with the bare minimum in mind. Apple and the iPhone 4G new retina display was a game changer and a wakeup call for all the companies around the world. The new iPhone retina display had 4 inches and a resolution of 640×480 pixels with was double the amount of any mobile device at the time.

The app store

As the iPhone generations passed and the devices became almost as powerful as the modern PC, the app store grew to such an extent that it now houses applications like MSPY which can spy on other iPhones as well as 3D games with console like graphics.

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