No Jailbreak

The number of smartphone tracking applications has increased manifold in the past few years due to the growing need for them. A lot of these apps have made it to the surface, and among those at the top is one known by the name of I.T.APP.

While there are many iPhone tracker apps available today, very few among them provide a solution for non-jailbroken devices. I.T.APP is one of those very few applications that keep in mind the people who are not savvy enough to know about jailbreaking or are maybe afraid of the risks.

Features Offered

I.T.APP for iPhones with no jailbreak provides all of the basic features that should be enough for a parent or an employer looking for a basic monitoring toolset. These features include:

  • List of contacts
  • Call log monitoring
  • Accessing Text Messages sent and received
  • Access to complete Browser History
  • All events and notes on the iPhone

How to Get Started

All you need to do in order to start monitoring an iPhone without jailbreak is to gain the iCloud credentials of the device to be monitored and you can instantly start receiving all the information that you require on your safe online control panel.

Comparison with Jailbroken Devices

It is obvious that this iPhone tracker will perform better on a device with jailbreak as opposed to one without. This is due to the fact that a jailbroken iPhone gives control of even the most secure settings of the phone to the user or any apps that need to access them. This lets I.T.APP get deep into the phone and pull out any information which would normally not be stored on iCloud.

That said, I.T.APP for non-jailbroken iPhones still provides a rich set of features that should be enough for people looking to keep a casual eye on someone. You can buy the no-jailbreak solution for the same price and subscription options as the one for jailbroken devices.