IPhone Tricks You Didnt Know About

15-iPhone tricks you didnt know about

With the release of the popular iPhone came along all of the awesome features that the device had. But as time moved on new features got implemented which were only limited to the new models. Did you know that even though you have an older iPhone you can implement a lot of the new features that only the devices such as the iPhone 6 have. Here are some of iPhone trick you didn’t know about.


You probably know this one, but jailbreaking an iPhone can really do wonders for your device. This is especially true for older models of this popular device. Tutorials on how to jailbreak can be found all over the internet, and at its core jailbreaking is a process where you get full administrative privileges which will allow you to modify your system the way you want it.

Spying on other iPhones

If you have a jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhone you can go ahead and download an application like MSPY, what these applications do is allow the average user to hack or better yet spy on other people’s iPhones. These applications can be used in tracking you children and increasing the security of your family, whatever is your case, you will find a suitable use for the application.

SIRI on older devices

This is one trick that is reserved for jailbroken devices. As you may or may not know, SIRI is the virtual artificial intelligence which is integrated on your iPhone. In reality this little virtual assistant can do wonders for you as it recognizes every voice command that is even remotely related to your iPhone. While SIRI is only reserved for the owners of the iPhone 4s and up, you can get this feature on devices that are older through the process of jailbreaking.

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