With the growing number of smartphones being used by children and employees today, the need for smartphone monitoring apps is growing as well. With countless people singing its praises, I.T.APP leads the pack with the sheer number and quality of features that it provides.

You can easily gain access to almost all the activities that take place on the phone through your own dedicated online account. That is why I.T.APP is one of the top iPhone tracker apps out there.
With I.T.APP you can monitor the following:

Call Logs:

You can gain complete data about all calls made or received on the iPhone, including the ID of the caller as well as the time every call is placed at.

Text Messages:

Having access to the content of all the messages on the target iPhone can be of great help when you are trying to keep an eye on your child or employee.

Email and Attachments:

You can see all the emails on the device as well as any attachments that might be added.

Internet Usage:

One of the best features of I.T.APP is that it lets you block certain websites to be accessed from the target iPhone. This can help you keep your children away from inappropriate content.

App Usage:

It helps a lot to know which applications your children are using more often on their phones and whether it should be a cause of worry for you or not. Just like websites, you can block inappropriate apps as well.

Media Content:

All the media files, including photos and videos, on the iPhone are within your reach with I.T.APP. You can keep your children from sharing inappropriate images on the web or your employees from sharing any sensitive information with someone else.


Checking search phrases, log in details, and messages of one particular sort is easier than ever with this iPhone tracker due to its keylogging features.

Other than all of these features, I.T.APP also allows you to wipe off a phone completely or lock it in case of theft or any other security risk.