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5-how to recover snapchat pictures on iPhone

How to Recover Snapchat Pictures on iPhone

Snapchat is a popular instant message application which was made popular by the youth that uses it to send all sorts of multimedia content like pictures. The catch however is the fact that the pictures that were sent are available constantly, they are only available for viewing for a limited time which is determined by…
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4-spy on viber messages on someones iPhone onlin

Spy on Viber Messages on Someones iPhone Online

Like many other instant message applications viber is one of the most popular, the ability to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi network is a function that has previously unavailable on any instant message application, and viber offered this possibility for free. So it’s needless to say that this fact is one of many that…
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3-how to track whatsapp messages on iPhone

Way to track WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Whatsapp is a popular messaging application that has been developed in recent years. The catch when the development team was working on the application was simple, they aimed to create a mobile application that was free and made communication between iPhones free. It’s needless to say that this concept upon release spread among people using…
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2-track all text messages from the remote iPhone

Track All Text Messages from the Remote iPhone

With the dawn of the new day and age came the birth of smartphones like the iPhone, while these mobile devices make our live much easier, one would think we rely on them a bit too much. Our identity is stored on those phones as well as our credit card information with a lot of…
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1-Best GPS tracker for iPhone

Best GPS Tracker for iPhone

It may or may not come as a surprise that there are a lot of applications out there which are designed to monitor the GPS location of another iPhone. The reasons for the existence of these applications are clear and the need for these applications has never been bigger because there are a lot of…
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17-what is jailbreak and why do you need it

What Is Jailbreak and Why Do You Need It

Anybody who owns an iPhone has probably heard of a process named jailbreaking. This popular method for getting the most out of your iPhone has been around for a long time, and people all around the world have enjoyed the benefits of jailbreaking. From system tweaks to installing paid applications for free, the jailbreak has…
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16-the evolution of the iPhones

The Evolution of the iPhones

Since the release of the iPhone 2g back in the year 2006, this popular mobile device has come a long way in terms of usage and overall quality. While the evolution of the iPhone was a long process there are a lot of things that made the iPhone so popular with the common people all…
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15-iPhone tricks you didnt know about

IPhone Tricks You Didnt Know About

With the release of the popular iPhone came along all of the awesome features that the device had. But as time moved on new features got implemented which were only limited to the new models. Did you know that even though you have an older iPhone you can implement a lot of the new features…
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14-why teenagers preffer iPhones

Why Teenagers Prefer iPhones

The iPhone is a popular device developed by Apple California, and as with many other Apple products, they became very popular in a very short time. There are a lot of factors why this is true, but even though the iPhone is mostly used in the corporate world fact still remains that the most common…
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15-how can i spy on another iphone

How Can I Spy on Another Iphone

Any person who even saw a smartphone soon realized that these mobile devices possess the ability to do so much more than they were originally designed (making phone calls, messaging, taking photos, playing games, surfing the internet etc.) Most common demand of all users is spying other smartphones, for various reasons. Some of them can…
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