What can iPhone tracker app do?

Where does I.T.APP fall in all this? There we go with all you need to look for before signing up for an iPhone spy app to track your lost or stolen phone, your kids, employees, or any other person you want to place under surveillance. All phone tracker apps worth their salt and your money need to have all these features because that is the only way you can be sure of benefiting from them. On the market today, I.T.APP is a stable spy app for iPhone, Android and Windows devices. Haven taken all that into consideration, I.T.APP remains not just an app to beat, but also a favourite choice for individual phone tracking, parents, and employers.

If you are looking for a solution that will flexibly meet all your spying needs at a price you can afford at every given level of your purchasing power, I.T.APP is the best way to go. Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could see into your teenager’s smartphone and find out exactly what they were doing and who they were talking to? Have you wanted to be sure that your employees aren’t making deals with your competitors on their iPhones behind your back?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you’ll be happy to know that there is an iPhone tracker app that can help you keep a very close and silent eye on the activities taking place on any iPhone you want.

This iPhone tracker can monitor all aspects of the device, including:

All Text Messages

These include not only the SMS messages but also those sent or received through IM services like WhatsApp or Viber.


You will have access to all the activities taking place on the browser, including websites visited and bookmarks made. You can even block certain websites that you deem inappropriate for your child.


If you are worried where your children go or what your employees do in their breaks, I.T.APP can help you get the location of their phones via GPS. You can even gain access to their location history if you want.


See what apps your children have installed on their iPhones, and block the ones you think are unsuitable for them.


These include not only the SMS messages but also those sent or received through IM services like WhatsApp or Viber.A good iPhone monitoring app should allow you to intercept and listen to the calls that the person is making using the device you have targeted for spying. This feature is beneficial since it sends you secret text message notifications that enable you to call the phone and listen to the conversations, both incoming and outgoing.


Aside from intercepting and listening to the calls that are ongoing on the iPhone, a good tracker app should enable you to listen to what is going on in the background. All you need to do is to make a secret call to the mobile device and tap into what is taking place in the environment


Another functionality you need to look for in a good iPhone tracker is the ability to give you access to different media formats. For instance, you can access pictures, videos, and audio recordings on the target device. The app should be able to upload the images to your online spying account.


What else should a good iPhone mobile tracker offer you? The list is never complete if you cannot track and know where the iPhone has been. The cell phone tracking application needs to show you all the locations the phone has been to and the exact times. This feature is critical especially if you are planning to track a minor or an old family member in case they get lost. Additionally, it is useful when you need to track your lost iPhone.


Additionally, your tracking app should allow you to track the keystrokes the employee, kid, or errant spouse makes on their keyboards. This capability allows you to hack into their passwords and access their emails and apps. This way, you can see what they type into their Facebook and other social media accounts.


Your phone tracker app should also allow you to track one of the most common types of communication on iPhone devices, that is, SMS. A great app must allow you to read all the text messages the user of the phone makes or receives. Additionally, it should let you see the messages even after the phone holder has deleted them.


Another capability that can benefit your spying mission is the ability to use your iPhone spy software to spy on their emails. The app needs to let you read all the emails the user sends and receives.


All great phone tracking apps should also come with the ease of registration. Making registration for your user licenses should not be a hassle.


Check out what other customers say!

Can’t imagine what could’ve happen if I didn’t check my daughter’s mobile. Thanks to I.T.APP software, I’m able to protect her from the dobious people.

Barbara W.

Single mom of two

With phone tracker app I am able to track all my Apple devices with one single panel. Now I can see where all my test devices are at this exact moment.

Michael O.

IT manager

With such spyware installed on all our corporate devices, it become possible to significantly optimize the usage of company’s devices.

Nicole F.

Project Manager

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